Technical service
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Quality service

The quality control department is responsible for the delivery inspection of raw materials, process control and finished products in strict accordance with the product quality standards.

Since the birth of the first kilometer cable production, the company has paid attention to the control and management of product quality. The company has formulated the quality manual, prepared procedure documents and basic documents, and began to implement the ISO9001 standard in line with the international management mode. Through several years of efforts and improvement, the quality management system has been gradually established.

* obtained the CQC certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center and the certificate of recommended products for Engineering Construction issued by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association of the Ministry of



* successfully passed the certification of iso9001-gb / T19001-2000 quality assurance system;

* passed the explosion-proof certification of Henan explosion proof Institute;

* passed the provincial new product appraisal.

The company attaches great importance to product quality. According to the characteristics of unstable sealing quality, difficult attachment and installation and non fire resistance of domestic sealing materials, the company cooperates with relevant colleges and universities in Shanghai to produce new sealing fillers. After more than two years of formula adjustment and test, all indexes of sealing materials have fully reached GB / t13033 3-2007. Thus, the mineral insulated cable (including accessories) can achieve fire resistance.

At the same time, in strict accordance with the requirements of GB / T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000 quality management system, the company implements the one vote veto system of the quality control department, strictly evaluates the qualification of raw material suppliers, selects all raw materials from qualified suppliers, inspects the copper tubes and rods of raw materials one by one, conducts spot check and test on magnesium oxide powder batch by batch, and does not store or use products that do not meet the standard requirements, Qualified suppliers who have returned goods for three consecutive times shall be disqualified.

In the production process, strengthen the process control, strictly control the annealing temperature, speed and heat preservation time of each process, set full-time inspectors for process quality control in each process, and do not transfer or transfer the products that do not meet the process quality requirements. Timely deal with quality problems in the production process and feed back information in time. 100% delivery inspection shall be conducted for each coil (reel) of cable before delivery, and the inspection records shall be kept for traceability.

Through years of quality management and quality control, whether it is the market spot check of the Technical Supervision Bureau, the annual certification spot check of the cable Research Institute, or the sampling and inspection of the project supervisor, the passing rate of the spot check of our company is 100% every year.



1. We promise that the quality grade of the products provided is: excellent products

2. The company strictly inspects the raw materials, and the unqualified ones will not be put into production.

3. The company strictly controls and inspects the manufacturing process of products, and tracks and records to ensure that the ex factory qualification rate of products is 100%.

4. The products produced by the company will be implemented in strict accordance with the terms of the technical conditions required in the bidding document.

5. The company Huzhou Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd. has no litigation and claim cases caused by breach of contract or partial breach of contract in its business activities and government procurement activities in recent three years. 6. In the aftermarket investigation conducted by our company, the customer service units have responded satisfactorily to our products.


After sales service organization:

The company has set up resident service agencies all over the country to provide maintenance services 24 hours a day, which can ensure users' response within 2 hours at all sales outlets, and provide a technical guidance team with more than 10 years of installation experience. Free service for each project. Solve all technical problems of installation.


Service content:

1. The company's products implement the "Three Guarantees" service and provide a three-year quality assurance period for all products, which is calculated from the date of final acceptance. Mineral insulated cables shall be provided with installation and laying manual and special laying tools. Provide free technical training and installation guidance to engineering installation personnel.

2. During the warranty period, it is guaranteed to repair or replace the defective cables due to unqualified materials or unqualified manufacturing according to the requirements of the end user free of charge, and compensate the end user for the additional costs or losses caused by these defects. We shall be responsible for free repair and replacement of spare parts for damage caused by cable quality or other factors. For other reasons, we will provide technical services free of charge, and the material fee will be charged according to the bidding unit price.

3. During the warranty period, the company will establish a regular access system for end users, send relevant professional and technical personnel to visit users once a quarter, guide end users to use cables correctly, and inspect and maintain cables.

4. At the end of the warranty period, the company will send professional engineers to conduct another inspection on the cable together with the representative of the end user. Any defect shall be repaired or replaced by the company free of charge.

5. If the cable is defective, the company will extend the warranty period accordingly, and the specific extension time shall be agreed by both parties.

6. The company promises to arrive at the site within 3 hours after receiving the repair notice and carry out continuous maintenance service until the fault is eliminated and the normal service is completely restored.

7. When the end user uses the goods or any part of the goods in the people's Republic of China, it shall be free from the prosecution of infringement of its patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights filed by a third party.

8. The company will record and keep all written materials on after-sales service for end users to inquire at any time.

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