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Electric heaters
Fluid liquid explosion-proof electric heater
Liquid explosion-proof electric heater (hereinafter referred to as electric heater) is a heating device specially designed to increase the temperature of the flowing medium in the pipeline. The mineral insulated (MI) heating cable is selected as the heating element. The structure is firm, durable, reliable, and has a long service life. It can ensure that the heated medium does not coke. It is suitable for the heating of various flowing media, especially suitable for heating the media with high viscosity, viscosity or high temperature quality requirements (such as crude oil, asphalt, residual oil, heavy diesel oil, animal and vegetable oils, etc.). It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, glass, power generation and other industrial sectors. Typical applications include offshore oil platforms, wellhead heating in oil fields, high-temperature atomization before combustion in oil-fired kilns, centralized air-conditioning hot water boilers, etc. .
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Container explosion-proof electric heater
The container explosion-proof electric heater (hereinafter referred to as the electric heater) is an electric heating device designed to increase the temperature of the medium in the container. The electric heater adopts mineral insulated (MI) heating cable as the heating element. It has a firm and durable structure, reliable work, long service life, and the heated medium will not be coked and charred. The electric heater is inserted and installed on the wall of the container to heat up various liquid or gaseous media. This product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food processing, commercial oil depot, power generation and other sectors, especially suitable for heating high-density, Medium that is viscous or requires high temperature quality (such as crude oil, asphalt, residual oil, heavy diesel oil, animal and vegetable oils, etc.). Typical applications are hot water tanks on offshore oil platforms, oil delivery tanks in commercial oil depots, etc.
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Liquid gas explosion-proof electric heater
Gas explosion-proof electric heater (hereinafter referred to as gas electric heater) is an electric heating device specially used to heat flammable and explosive gases such as natural gas and petroleum gas in a forced flow state. It can effectively solve the problem of liquid It is a technical problem that requires a large amount of heat to be supplemented when it is converted into a gaseous state or when a high pressure is reduced to a low pressure.
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Pipeline built-in electric heating complete set
  The technology of this product is to directly penetrate the MI heating cable into the pipeline, which makes full use of the good mechanical and anti-corrosion performance of the MI heating cable. It is named "built-in" to distinguish it from the traditional electric heating installation outside the pipeline.
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Electric heating for hollow sucker rod of pumping unit
Metal MI heating cable, resistive heating, simple circuit system. It can be truly resistant to high temperatures (250-800°C), has high mechanical strength, compactness, smoothness, seamlessness, high application reliability, and long service life. It will really solve many technical problems of oil heating in oil wells. There are three application forms for electric heating of hollow-core sucker rods in oil wells: suitable for beam and belt pumping units  1. Heating within specified depth 2. To pump heating 3. Heating through the pump
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Complete set of electric heating device in self-injection (gas) well
   From the upper end of the Christmas tree (the place where the blowout preventer or the wax removal pipe was originally installed), the hollow sucker rod is vertically connected. The length of the hollow sucker rod is equal to the required heating depth, and enters the well through the wax removal gate valve and the main valve Tubing. A centralizer is installed on the top of the hollow sucker rod. All the dynamic and static sealing operation requirements will be reliably completed by oilfield professional technicians.
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Container explosion-proof electric heating rod
   container explosion-proof electric heating rod (hereinafter referred to as electric heating rod) is a product designed and manufactured specifically for the electric heating and insulation of storage tanks and other containers. For a long time, the storage tank is mainly a pan-tank heater that uses steam or hot water as the heating medium. Pan-tank heaters have problems such as high accident rate, difficult overhaul and maintenance, and high energy consumption. With the development of the enterprise, some departments with sufficient steam sources have begun to be restricted by heat sources. The problem of heat tracing and insulation has been plagued by such users. Electric heating rods are developed to address these problems. Over the years, it has been used in various oil fields, oil production plants, oil pumping stations, oil refineries, oil depots, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical factories and other places throughout the country to verify the advanced technical performance and good economic benefits of this product.
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Electric heating belt for pipe welding
In response to the requirements of the pipeline welding process, the "Pipeline Welding Joint Electric Heating Belt" developed to meet the technical standard requirements. It can make the pipe weld joints rise rapidly in the short time allowed by the process preparation stage. After the pipe welding starts, the heating can continue to run simultaneously with the welding, and the heating will not affect all the welding process operations. Regardless of manual, semi-automatic, or automatic assembly line welding process, it can ensure the preheating of the welding port and the maintenance of the inter-layer temperature.
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