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Congratulations to Jiu Sheng Jiao Lian for passing the acceptance of the "State Grid Electrical Equipment Intelligent Internet of Things Platform (EIP)" supplier interconnection project acceptance group!

State Grid Co., Ltd. actively implements the central government’s decision-making and deployment of “cultivating new kinetic energy in the field of modern supply chains”, deepens the construction of the power Internet of Things, and creates a modern smart supply chain. Equipment Intelligent Internet of Things Platform (EIP) construction. The platform construction is based on the Internet and the Internet of Things technology to realize the interconnection and information sharing of power grid companies, electrical equipment manufacturers, and third-party service organizations, build a "transparent factory", lead the upgrade of the electrical equipment industry, promote industrial innovation and development, and enhance the intelligence of the electrical equipment industry Manufacturing level. 2020 is the year for the promotion of interconnection and access of the State Grid EIP platform. Zhejiang Jiusheng Cross-linked Cable Co., Ltd., the production base of Jiusheng medium and high voltage cables, actively responded to the call of the State Grid, the first batch of applications to join the EIP platform construction. After the company applied for the finalists, it actively connected with the State Grid expert group, carefully analyzed and studied the technical requirements, upgraded the company's internal system software, and upgraded important production equipment and video monitoring systems in strict accordance with the requirements of the State Grid; in order to complete the inspection and acceptance with high quality, Our company has added more than 100 information points, covering all the key indicators and process-related parameter indicators of the three types of materials, and has exceeded the number of access projects stipulated by the State Grid. Through the joint efforts of the company’s colleagues, the upgrade and transformation of business data, production/test data, surveillance camera systems, supplier data collection centers, smart IoT gateways, etc. have been completed and successfully integrated into the State Grid EIP system. On March 16, the expert review team of the State Grid Electrical Equipment Smart IoT Platform Project supervised the site and conducted on-site assessment and acceptance of the three general categories of cables of our company, and announced that the three categories of Zhejiang Jiusheng Crosslinked Cable Co., Ltd. exceeded the limit. Completed the required number of access projects, passed all the acceptance inspections, and successfully connected to the State Grid EIP platform. So far, our company has successfully passed the acceptance of the acceptance group and became the first batch of cable suppliers to pass the acceptance. After accessing the EIP platform, State Grid can use the EIP platform to realize real-time intelligent monitoring and accurate tracking of sales orders, plan placement, raw materials, product processes, production conditions, and test processes of our company's manufacturing cables, and truly realize online manufacturing supervision. The smooth access to the State Grid EIP platform indicates that our company's wire and cable manufacturing has achieved a certain level of intelligent manufacturing, and it will also further promote the overall improvement of our company's corporate management level, product quality level and core competitiveness. The successful inspection and acceptance of Wisdom IOT after busying for a year will surely bring our company's informatization to a higher level and provide a solid foundation for the development of the company!

Social Responsibility Report of Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd.

Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with mineral insulated cables as its leading products. The company was established in 2004 and is located at No. 1000 Xifeng Road, Huzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a registered capital of 121.23 million yuan. Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is guided by the scientific development concept to strengthen the awareness of "corporate citizen". While the company is developing, it always takes social responsibility as its own responsibility and makes contributions to the society within its capacity. As a large local profit tax operator, it created 25.09 million yuan in tax revenue in 2017, directly provided more than 300 jobs, and promoted the development of surrounding related industries; the company abides by ethics and strictly enforces laws and regulations in environmental protection, energy consumption, and production safety. , Through the construction of green factories, green supply chains, and actively promote the development of public welfare undertakings, and earnestly fulfill corporate social responsibilities. In 2017, the company successfully passed the re-evaluation of high-tech enterprises. In the same year, the company was recognized as an advanced unit for the establishment of integrity and law-abiding enterprises in Huzhou City. By actively carrying out creation activities, the company passed the evaluation of provincial civilized units at the end of 2017 and was certified in January 2018. In 2017, the company's core product, mineral insulated cable products, successfully passed the re-evaluation of Zhejiang Famous Brand Products, and was successfully certified as a Zhejiang-made certified product. To 1. Focus on social responsibility for cultural construction To The company’s management attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture and puts forward the company’s mission, vision and core values; Mission: Committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise for domestic safety wire and cable. Vision: To shape the image with quality, and to win the future with innovation. Core values: innovation, standardization and stability. Mission statement: Enterprises are always adapting to the environment, ignoring the old and adding to the new, and the company attaches great importance to the establishment of benchmarking industries. To build a century-old Jiusheng, we must adhere to inheritance and innovation, complement each other, and promote rationally. In the rapidly changing market and technological environment, the development of economic globalization, and the rapid growth of the knowledge economy, the company insists on transformation and upgrading to respond to market changes. "Committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise of domestic safety wire and cable" shows the company's determination and confidence in strengthening its products, and also shows the company's desire to achieve a win-win situation for all parties. Vision statement: The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, market-oriented, quality as life, innovation as soul, efficiency as the center, and management as guarantee". For 10 years, the company has always regarded quality improvement as the supreme belief. As a leader in safety and environmental protection special cables, we have been focusing on research, development and production applications in this area. In 2008, we introduced the concept of lean management and strived to build a wire with reasonable resource allocation, market competitiveness, influence and vitality. Cable technology enterprise. Explanation of core values: When determining the core values, the company summed up the practical experience of the company for several years, and also referred to the characteristics of the entire industry, the internal and external environment and other actual conditions, which have rich connotations. Only by operating in a reasonable and reasonable manner and maintaining the spirit of innovation can the company develop sustainably and steadily. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, not satisfying the status quo, and unremittingly striding forward to new goals are the company's development motivation; standardized management is the main theme of the company's development; stable decision-making, decision-making innovation, and creating the future are the company's operating style. Standardization and stability are the foundation of innovation, and innovation is the spirit of standardization and stability. On this basis, we focus on integrity management and constantly strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. In order to enable the above concepts to be communicated to employees in a timely and effective manner, and to affect the organization's suppliers, customers, partners, and other related parties, the company has established diversified cultural promotion methods. The company deepens the influence of corporate culture through the construction of four levels: spi

Jiusheng Electric exclusively won the bid for the Pudong Airport Mineral Insulated Cable Project

On June 29, 2006, Jiusheng (Huzhou) Electric Co., Ltd. (Jiusheng Electric) announced the exclusive bid for the mineral insulated cable project of the T2 terminal of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and became a strategic partner with Civil Aviation of China.    Jiusheng Electric's acquisition of a large purchase order for mineral insulated cables is not accidental. In fact, it is Shanghai Pudong International Airport's needs for safety, environmental protection, energy saving, high quality and other aspects, and also the strong technical quality assurance of Jiusheng Electric, that has made such a large order.    Under the call of the country to vigorously advocate people-oriented and build a harmonious society, people's prevention of electrical fires will also change from passive to active. The new concept of fire protection for new materials and new products has received widespread attention. Let the fire caused by the cable be effectively controlled from the manufacturing process of the cable. Since the materials used by Jiusheng electrical mineral insulated cables are all inorganic materials, they have the characteristics of large current carrying capacity, fire resistance, halogen-free and smoke-free, waterproof, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small bending radius and long service life. It is also very safe and environmentally friendly, so it has been increasingly adopted by national key projects, personnel-intensive places, and places with important assets.    The winning of the bid has enabled Jiusheng Electric to continue to maintain its leading position in the mineral insulated cable industry, and also fully demonstrated Jiusheng Electric's strong strength in R&D, production, manufacturing, and service in the mineral insulation industry. At present, Jiusheng Electric's global shipments continue to maintain a growth trend. From January to June, global shipments increased by 300% over the same period last year. It firmly occupies the world's number one shipment of mineral insulated cables.    Based on the principle of “innovation, standardization and stability” and the goal of “bigger and stronger”, it is the business goal of Jiusheng Electric to continuously deepen capital operation, optimize the management system, and enhance the brand image. With excellent performance products, strong technical support, extensive sales channels, and perfect after-sales service, Jiusheng Electric will strive to build a well-known safety cable production base at home and abroad, and brighten up more projects.
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